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Hydro Jetting                                            Clogged Sewer Line
Snaking                                                     Sink & Bathtub Slow to Drain
Sewer Inspection with Video                   Storm Drains Clogged 
Sewer Line Locate                                    Roots in the Sewer Line
Residential and Commercial                    Restaurant Lines Backed Up     Scale Build Up                                           Grease Build Up

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method used to clean sewer lines.  A consistent blast of water at high pressure is sent into the sewer line that will remove blockages, build up, tree roots, grease, debris, clogs, and wash the diameter of your sewer pipe.  Depending on the condition, and type, of your sewer pipe, different nozzles are used for different applications, along with varying water pressure's to clear and clean your sewer pipe.  Our machines push out 12 gallons per minute with 3500 psi, and will clear and clean any 4 inch line.  We always camera the sewer line before we start any type of cleaning.  This will tell us what type of sewer pipe you have, if there is any damage to the line, what type of nozzle to use, and at what pressure.  And it always fun to share a before and after video, so our customers can see how well hydro jetting  cleans the sewer line.   


 Snaking vs Hydro Jetting?


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Hands down, Hydro Jetting does a much better job cleaning your sewer line rather than snaking or using an auger.  Hydro Jetting cleans the entire diameter of the line and flushes debris out of the sewer line.  Snaking a line, basically just pokes a hole through the blockage.  Although you can use a snake to remove roots in your line, Hydro Jetting will do a much better job.  A lot of  times when a homeowner has a backed up sewer line, the plumber comes out, pokes a hole through the blockage, the line drains, and he leaves.  This does not solve the problem.  For example, if you have clay pipes, roots get in through the joints, and if you don't have them cleaned out every couple of years or so, the roots establish themselves, split the pipe and do damage to your sewer line.  So using a snake to poke a hole through the roots so that the line drains, really doesn't solve the problem.  If you have grease, debris, or a belly (standing water) in the line, snaking the line won't do anything.  Snaking a drain will not remove grease, sludge, or flush out a belly.  Hydro Jetting will remove grease, sludge, debris and clean a sewer belly.  Restaurants have their lines Hydro Jetted on a regular basis to remove grease and sludge, they do not have them snaked.  The button below shows a line before and after cleaning, the line was full of roots.  

One of the advantages of using us for a sewer scope or sewer inspection, is that if the line has debris, roots, or needs to cleaned before or after a sewer scope, we can Hydro Jet and clean the line on the spot.  Sometimes sewer inspectors run into a clogged line, or a dirty line and they can not accurately see and inspect the pipe.  They request that the homeowner have the line cleaned and he will come back to do his inspection (which means another charge).  We also do not charge an additional fee if we have to remove a toilet to access the sewer line, or come back to clean the line.  


The owner of the company has been a real estate investor and understands what it takes to get all parties to the closing table.  It is important that the buyer clean and inspect the sewer line before you purchase a home.  Repairing a sewer line is very expensive.  It is also important that the seller clean the line before the buyer does their inspection.  This will go a long way with the buyers inspection. 

We are a newer, small, ethical company, with new state of the art equipment.  Our prices can not be beat, along with our service.  We are Certified Sewer Inspectors, licensed and insured, and carry these documents on all of our trucks.  We offer free estimates, never a trip charge and if we don't solve your problem, there is no charge. 



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